Saturday was the first day to file for a spot on the Texas primary ballot.

Republican hopefuls came out to submit their candidacy at a filing party Saturday morning. There are several important statewide offices open this time around.

The candidates and supporters in attendance said getting together and meeting potential fellow candidates was a great way to kick off the campaign season.

State Representative Susan King made an appearance and said it was the right time of year to make the public aware and start thinking about upcoming elections.

"Human nature is, when we don't like something we complain 'oh those people don't know anything, vote them off, they're terrible, whatever'.  It's much better to think about 'oh well there is a process, this is how it goes' and for people to encourage them to study the issues and look at what's going on."

Early voting for primary elections begins in mid-February, while the election is on March 4th.