ABILENE, Texas -

Abilene police executed a search warrant at a house on South 7th Street after they received tips in connection to the Citibank robbery that led them to the home.

All eight people who were in the home and questioned asked to speak out. Abilene Police executed a search warrant at the house. However, police said the people in the house were found to have no connection to the robbery.

Abilene police and their SWAT team searched the home early Tuesday morning looking for the man who robbed Citibank on South 14th street.

Jacob Powell, 27, was arrested later on Tuesday and charged with aggravated robbery. Powell is currently being held in the Taylor County Jail on a $150,000 bond. 

The people in the house told KTXS about their experiences when police executed the search warrant.

"I asked them to not kick in my doors – that I would let them in my home," Lucinda Fowler said. "They could bring everybody out and whatever they wanted to do, just don't make it so dramatic on the kids, and they said that they did not have any choice in the matter."

"I'm sure their job was arduous last night having to go through everything and sort out suspects and cars and wrong identities and what not," Jeff Wood said. "I understand they have a job to do. Whether or not they get an apology, I just want their names cleared."

According to the search warrant executed for the house, APD had probable cause to search the home. The search warrant states that a person who knew the owner of the home called 9-1-1 and gave the owner’s name as the one who did the bank robbery. The warrant also described the robber's car as looking similar to the one at the South 7th Street address. 

APD said they plan to personally resolve this matter with people living in the home. A police report does show that APD did retain a cell phone, drug paraphernalia and other items from the home that they are now investigating. They also retained a grey men's suit jacket similar to the one worn by the bank robber.

As mentioned earlier, police said the people in the house were found to have no connection to the robbery at Citibank.