San Angelo

Sheriff's Office investigates high school beating caught on tape

Grape Creek High School Locker Room Fight

SAN ANGELO, Texas - In San Angelo, the Tom Green County Sheriff's Office is investigating a case of locker room bullying, that was caught on camera.

The on-camera beating  happened at Grape Creek High School.

KTXS news edited the video and removed the audio, due to length, cursing, and  it's graphic nature.

According to a report from a Tom Green County deputy, the victim was pushed down by a member of the high school baseball team. A taller student is then seen jumping in.

While the victim was down on the ground, a loud crash was heard, then you see him curled up in pain.

It's that moment you don't see on the video that started the sheriff's investigation.

Grape Creek ISD Superintendent David Hale tells us they do not tolerate this kind of behavior.

Hale says the high school principal and athletic director conducted a swift investigation.

Superintendent Hale says some students have been punished, however, state law prevents him from discussing how they were disciplined.

Superintendent Hale calls the incident an ugly black eye for the school.

He says steps have been taken to prevent this kind of thing in the future, including more supervision from coaches in the locker rooms.    

The sheriff's office investigation is still underway. Charges may follow.

According to a deputy's report, the victim has some bumps on his head.

The case is being investigated as an assault that caused bodily injury.

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