Search Volunteers Make Special Memorial For Hailey Dunn

COLORADO CITY, Texas - Some volunteers have been looking for Hailey Dunn everyday for almost two weeks and now they've set up a special memorial they hope a little girl would like.

"All of us out here want her home," said volunteer Freda Radcliff, "It's emotional for us."

Volunteers are growing desperate, KTXS followed a group during their search for Hailey in Dunn two days ago. They were alone then, but were joined by law enforcement Thursday.

Texas Rangers and Sheriff's deputies who wouldn't go on camera wound down their search as the sunset but the volunteers stayed late to work on something special.

"We're wanting everyone who drives into Dunn to remember Hailey," Radcliff said.

So up against the backdrop of a frigid winter wilderness they've placed stuffed animals: A warm reminder a little girl is not forgotten.

"We think she'd like them," Radcliff said.

Searchers say the stuffed animals are also there to send a strong message to Shawn Adkins, the former live-in boyfriend of the little girl's mother and the only named person of interest in the case. The volunteers say he watches their daily search from a porch across the highway.

"I want him to know we're out here everyday looking for Hailey," Radcliff said.

Volunteers say some people have misunderstood the gesture to be a memorial and that they'll hang signs to clear up the confusion. They hope the attention getting sight of these cuddly creatures will help their cause.

"That's what we want," Radcliff said, "Get out here and help us search. People thought we'd get in trouble for putting them up here, but it's for Hailey."

The Texas Rangers told us they plan to study maps of the area and create a plan for their continuing search. They say they started on the perimeters of Scurry County and are working their way inwards.

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