Severe storms brought high winds and large hail to the Big Country & Concho Valley

ABILENE, Texas - Severe thunderstorms formed just west of our region Wednesday afternoon and moved eastward through most of our area Wednesday evening.   We tracked mainly three significant storms.

The "northern storm" moved through Scurry County and the City of Snyder with wind gusts approaching 50 mph.  Rainfall was around two tenths of an inch in Snyder.  As the storm moved east of Snyder, it intensified and begin dropping golf ball size and producing winds estimated at times to be over 70 mph. 

Rotan was especially hard hit by this storm as we received many reports and pictures of large trees blow down and roofs severely damaged.  The storm moved east northeast into the Hamlin area where quarter size hail was reported.  Next in line was Stamford where wind gusts to 60 mph and golf ball size hail were observed. 

The storm began to weaken as it moved into Shackelford County.  However, dime size hail and 55 mph wind gusts were reported near Albany.  The storm moved into Stephens County and brought penny size hail to the Hubbard Creek Reservoir area and 52 mph wind gusts to the Breckenridge Airport.  The storm finally died just east of Breckenridge.

The "middle storm" moved pretty much down the I-20 corridor from Coahoma through Colorado City to Sweetwater.  We received many reports of nickel size hail and wind damage to trees, power lines and windows in this zone.  Winds were measured at 59 mph west of Colorado City and a 56 mph wind gusts occurred at Sweetwater's Avenger Field on the west side of town. 

The storm weakened as it moved into Taylor County.  However pea size hail was reported just across the Jones County line at Lake Fort Phantom.  The highest wind gust in the Abilene area was 36 mph at Dyess AFB.  Rainfall in the Abilene area was around one quarter of an inch.

The "southern storm" formed southeast of Big Spring and moved southeast.  It bought heavy rain and lightning to Sterling City and a wind gust of only 31 mph to that town.  However, as it continued to the southeast, it intensified and brought damaging winds to much of Tom Green County. 

Winds were estimated to be near 75 mph at Grape Creek.  Peak wind reports from the San Angelo metro area ranged from 45 to 73 mph.    AEP Texas reported over ten thousand customers in Tom Green County were without electricity due to the storm. 

There were reports of tornadoes being spotted in this thunderstorm just east of San Angelo, but no damage has been reported due to tornadoes.  The storm slowly weakened as it moved into Concho County.  Unfortunately, most of the rain passed north and east of San Angelo with most measuring sites reporting very little rainfall in that city. 

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