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Colorado City car wash raises funds for Hailey Dunn scholarship and other foundations


People in Colorado City remembered Hailey Dunn through a car wash Saturday.

The Colorado City teenager was reported missing in December 2010 and her remains were discovered in March 2013 near Lake JB Thomas in Scurry County. Last week, forensic evidence confirmed the remains belonged to Hailey last week. 

Proceeds from the fundraiser contributed will benefit a Hailey Dunn scholarship, the KlaasKids Foundation and the Laura Recovery Center.  Organizers said $1,000 was raised.

"I'm out here to support their cause as the community comes together a little, you know, and hopefully they raise enough funds to do them some good," Vo Kuhn said.

Since it is not clear how Hailey died, community members said they want closure.

"Somewhere, somebody is guilty of this crime--and I'm sure it's a crime--and they need to be brought to justice and hopefully they get the person responsible for it," Kuhn said.

"My mom used to always say that nobody leaves this world without paying what they owe and sure enough that whoever done it--whatever they did to Hailey--will pay for it before he gets away from this place," Domingo Molina said.

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