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Hailey Dunn stuffed animal memorial taken down

COLORADO CITY, Texas - The Hailey Dunn memorial in Colorado City looks a little different. Members of Hope for Hailey, a group of people who continue to search for Dunn, took down a collection of stuffed animals that were displayed outside Dunn's former home.

Representatives of the group said the animals had become a health hazard after being outside for two years since Dunn disappeared.

The stuffed animals have been boxed up, but will not be thrown out. The display will be replaced with a garden.

Dunn was 13 when she went missing just after Christmas in 2010. She was never found. She was last seen by Shawn Adkins, her mother's boyfriend at the time, who said Dunn left to visit her father. She never arrived at her father's house.

Adkins was the only suspect named in the case.

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