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Hailey Dunn vigil marks two year anniversary of missing teen

ABILENE, TX - Hope still burns for Hailey Dunn, the teen that went missing two years ago. She was just 13.

Her mother Billie Dunn and "Hope for Hailey" volunteers held a prayer vigil for Christmas and to mark the two year anniversary. They believe one day, she'll come home.

"It's just becoming, more upsetting planning out more vigils," said Dunn. "We always think that the next vigil is going to turn into a welcome home party and it looks like she's not going to make it in time."

For Christmas, family and volunteers decorated a tree and topped it with an angel. Hailey supporters gathered around. One mom said she hasn't even met Hailey, but still cares and refuses to stop believing she'll return.

"Never," said "Hope for Hailey" volunteer Staci Campbell. "Hope for Hailey. We're never giving up. Any day that we don't have hope for Hailey is a day that Hailey won't be found."  

The family and volunteers wore a t-shirt with that slogan, a symbol of their persistence. Hailey's best friend Heather Ruth said her heart is broken.

"I really don't want to celebrate Christmas," said Ruth. "I don't want to do anything anymore, but I have to stay strong for her."

The community is determined not to give up looking for Hailey. Hailey's mother Billie said they will continue to have vigil's until she comes home.

December 27th marks two years since Hailey's disappearance.

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