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KTXS Severe Drought Special focuses on current woes, future plans

ABILENE, Texas - KTXS took an exhaustive look during its 30-minute "Severe Drought Special" at the impact of the current drought, what led us to this point and what is being done in the future to address Abilene and the Big Country's water needs.

2014 KTXS Severe Drought Special (in its entirety)

The KTXS special report, which first aired in late July, is divided into four segments:

Segment 1: We took a look back several years to find out how we got into such a severe drought situation. We also spoke to the state climatologist who focused on the outlook for the future.

To watch Segment 1, please CLICK HERE.

Segment 2: The drought has devastated the Big Country from local lakes and reservoirs to cities worrying about running out of water.

To watch Segment 2, please CLICK HERE.

Segment 3: What are Big Country residents doing to survive the drought? We went to Early where the town is trying to create their own wastewater treatment plant. We also visited with northern Big Country counties that are trying to get more precipitation from cloud seeding.

To watch Segment 3, please CLICK HERE.

Segment 4: We sat down with local lawmakers to discuss how Abilene and parts of the Big Country are preparing for water woes in the future.

To watch Segment 4, please CLICK HERE.

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