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Munday, surrounding areas in danger of losing water source

Areas look to slow down water consumption

Munday facing serious water problems

MUNDAY, Texas - The Miller Creek Reservoir that serves Munday and surrounding areas – including Haskell, Goree and Knox City – is currently at 13 percent total capacity.

If the area doesn't receive significant rain or find a solution soon, nearby residents will be in danger of losing their water source.

"It's hard to say the exact number of days we have left in water," Munday City Manager Ricky Ake said. "The projected date right now is the first of November, if everything stays the same."

The drought in the area started in 2011, which resulted in Munday implementing voluntary restrictions on residents.

However, the drought became worse in 2012 – and the restrictions became mandatory. This ultimately led to the Munday City Council approving Stage 4 water restrictions that became active in November 2013.

The restrictions fine residents $25 if they use more than 5,000 gallons of water daily – with an additional $25 per thousand over the limit.

Since the water restrictions were introduced, Ake said the city is saving nearly 140,000 gallons of water each day.

However, with the reduced amount of water being used, the city is losing over $250,000 each year in revenue.

To slow down the loss of water, Munday, Knox City, Rule and Goree applied for and were awarded $350,000 each to drill an underground water source just west of Munday.

Bids for contractors to start the project will begin July 29 and should begin within 60 days after.

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