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No Sign Of Hailey Dunn; Residents Turn To Power Of Prayer

COLORADO CITY, Texas - Twenty days into the disappearance of 13-year-old Colorado City girl Hailey Dunn, her community is determined to keep a positive attitude, and many are turning to prayer for answers.

Temple Christian Church was filled with music and praise like any other Sunday, but on Sunday they say their thoughts are plagued with someone missing from the service.

"Hailey, she came to this church and she studied and she learned, and I think that she had Jesus in her life," said Machelle Strain, who attends Christian Temple.

The disappearance of Hailey has rattled this close-knit community and with so many unanswered questions, many are turning to prayer.

"We tend to put Jesus away for a rainy day and when storms come in our life, we tend to know in our heart of hearts that the only person that can really help us is Jesus," said Strain.

"The Word tells us, there is power in prayer and with the Hailey Dunn case, as long as it's gone on, God's ways are bigger than our ways. They're different than our ways," said Shane Johnson, associate pastor for Christian Temple.

On Dec. 27, now nearly three weeks ago, Dunn vanished.

Her mother's former live-in boyfriend, Shawn Adkins, was the last to see her.

He told KTXS she said she was walking to a friend's house for a sleepover, but she never made it.

Adkins is the only named suspect in the case.

However, in an exclusive interview with AP he denied hurting the teen.

And with so many developments and speculations, many in Colorado City and all around the country say it's important to stay positive.

"I believe that without hope, we tend to let our mind believe bad things have happened to her, and I think that we need to be strong and have faith in our Father who I know knows exactly where she is," said Strain.

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