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Where's Hailey's Father? Family Members Give Conflicting Reports

COLORADO CITY, Texas - KTXS has received conflicting reports from family members as to the whereabouts of Hailey Dunn's father, Clint Dunn.

On Thursday the mother of Clint's second daughter and step-sister to Hailey, Naomi told KTXS Clint was working on an off-shore oil rig.

Naomi told KTXS the family relocated to San Antonio where they were waiting for Clint to return sometime next week, and then planned to return to the Big Country to be near the on-going investigation.

KTXS also contacted Clint's mother, Connie Jones, but she said she no longer speaks to Clint. Nevertheless, she said that a friend of hers told her she had seen Clint driving in Snyder.

The attorney for Billie Jean Dunn confirmed that she is back in the Colorado City area.

Shawn Adkins' attorney also said his client was in the area and cooperating with law enforcement ? although he wouldn't reveal exactly where Adkins was.

Adkins remains the only named suspect in the disappearance of Hailey Dunn.

Hailey Dunn, then an eighth-grader at Colorado Middle School in Colorado City, has been missing since Dec. 27, 2010.

Her disappearance sparked a massive search by law enforcement and by hundreds of volunteers over the next few months searching through rugged areas in Mitchell and Scurry counties and surrounding areas.

She has never been found, and there have been no arrests in connection to her disappearance.

The last person who claimed to see her alive is also the only named suspect in the case: Shawn Adkins. Adkins was the live-in boyfriend of Hailey's mother, Billie Jean Dunn, and lived in the same house with Hailey.

Adkins left his job the morning that Hailey disappeared, and Adkins' story about where he went that morning has raised questions among law enforcement, but he admitted to authorities that he traveled to his mother's house in Big Spring on that day.

Billie Jean Dunn admitted that both she and Adkins have failed lie detector tests during the initial stages of the investigation in January 2011.

Last June, about five and one-half months after Hailey's disappearance, the couple moved to the Austin area.

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