Students and faculty of ACU gather to remember tragic bus accident one year later

Faculty and students remember ACU bus crash one year later

ABILENE, TX - Sunday will mark the one year anniversary of a fatal bus crash that devastated the Abilene community.

On November 4, 2011, a bus carrying sixteen people from Abilene Christian University crashed on highway 83 in Runnels County. Nineteen year old Anabel Reid, died at the scene. Fifteen people were injured in the accident.

Today, ACU students and faculty dedicated their morning chapel to remembering Anabel Reid and the ACU students and faculty that were involved in that crash.

Those who knew Reid best gathered to reflect on the accident that claimed her life, and those who were with her that day said that although the accident may have shaken their lives, they won't let it shake their faith.
Hundreds gathered in the ACU chapel to remember the joyful sophomore they lost a year ago.
A video was shown of those who will never forget that tragic day, speaking of how the accident affected their lives, and about how much Anabel is missed.

"That's probably the most devastating, darkest part of the journey. When we think about the loss of that beautiful life," said Dr. Ed Brokaw, a professor and Department Chair at ACU.

They also reminded everyone how fragile life can be.
"Life is precious... count your blessings," said Dr. Jim Cooke, a professor at ACU.

Merissa Ford, who was on the bus that day, said today's chapel brought her a sense of closure after an accident that took her nearly sixth months to physically recover from.

"It was tears of sadness for the loss of Anabel, but also tears of joy because I'm still alive and God's still going to work through me and he's still going to show me how much he loves me," said Ford.

She left today with a sense of hope for the future, after an incident many thought they would never be able to put behind them.

"I don't want to focus on the manure that I've been drug through, but rather focus on riding the horse for the rest of my life," she said.

After chapel, a private tree-planting ceremony was held in memory of Reid.

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