ABILENE, Texas -

In five weeks voters will decide whether or not they want to pay for an $87 million school bond. The bond is meant to renovate some Abilene ISD schools and update security at others.

Sydney Franklin went to Johnson Elementary School and Mann Middle School. Franklin said she had gotten used to her school falling apart by the time she got to high school.

"I remember the first week of school you have your parents come and see your classrooms and stuff and my mom just looked at the auditorium ceiling and she was like, 'wow this is falling apart,'" said Franklin.

Cooper High student Alex Galindo was part of the facilities committee that made recommendations to the school board. He said the auditorium at his school, Madison, wasn't much better.

"The ceiling was disgusting and it was made of asbestos there were pencils and at the lighting was terrible but they couldn't change it because there was asbestos in the ceiling Chairs were terrible they squeaked all the time they were uncomfortable to sit in," said Galindo.

Now, Franklin is a senior at Abilene High. She turns 18 Sunday and said she is going to register to vote immediately that way she can vote in favor of the school bond in November.

Franklin said she wants her younger siblings to have a better experience then she did in school.

"It's something that's going to affect every kid in Abilene for the next 50, 60 years," said Franklin.

If passed, the school bond would cost owners of an average valued home in the district about $50 more per year.

Early voting in Texas starts Monday, October 21. Election Day is November 5.