Sweetwater runs emergency drills in case of flu pandemic

POSTED: 7:14 PM Oct 29 2013   UPDATED: 9:04 PM Oct 29 2013

The town held a simulation, or a dress rehearsal, in case of a massive outbreak.

Dozens of volunteers showed up for the hands on training. Sweetwater transformed the Nolan County Coliseum into a flu drive-thru. County and city officials could come through to get vaccinated.

The county uses P.O.Ds or ‘Point of Demonstrations’ for volunteers to administer the shots. They also use the P.O.Ds methods in other natural disasters.

"It's not whether it will or not in my mind, it's when," Nolan County Fire Chief and Emergency Management Coordinator for Sweetwater Grant Madden said.

"What we're trying to actually do is to get all those that are involved when it really does happen, just like (wild) fires, to come and train before," Big Country Medical Reserve associate Lita McEachern said.

Sweetwater would be required to vaccinate 500 people per hour. That breaks down to almost 15,000 people in Nolan County and another 5,000 people in Fisher County all within a 36 hour window.

"No matter how many professionals you get, and people that come in and consult on your plan , and tell you what needs to be in it , and how it needs to work and who needs to be the players, I think its vital that it be tested and we know that it works the way that it's supposed to work."