ABILENE, Texas -

You're not alone on Texas roadways this holiday season. The DPS is out in full force and they're cracking down on drunk driving.

The DPS upped their patrols several days ago and will continue to do so until January.

Troopers will focus DWI patrols in what they call "high-risk" locations at times when alcohol-related crashes happen the most.

"Over the holiday season is the most likely time people tend to drive while intoxicated due to the amount of parties and celebrations and maybe even depression," DPS Trooper Fred Biddle said.

Here are the facts on arrests and citations from last year's holiday season:

1. There were 1,200 DWI arrests.

2. 303 of those DWI arrests were a direct result of the increased patrols.

3. 17,600 speeding citations were issued.

4. There were more than 2,000 seat belt and car seat violations.

5. There were 258 fugitive arrests and 211 felony arrests.

Trooper Biddle said they're not just targeting drunk driving; they also just want people to be safe.

Biddle said one of the best things you can do is get plenty of sleep before you head out for a long trip.

"Be well-rested, number one," he said. "If you're going to travel far, don't over-extend yourself."

Biddle also encourages eliminating all driving distractions.

"It's the number one cause of crashes in the country right now, which can lead from anything from texting, cell phone use, talking to a friend, playing with the radio," Biddle said. "It's an endless amount of things that could cause a distraction."

The increase patrols that target these types of impaired driving are funded by a grant from the Texas Department of Transportation.