Texas Workforce Commissioner calls for education reform to keep up with oil boom job demand

Sweetwater Cline Shale meeting discusses coming oil boom

SNYDER, Texas - More than one hundred people from across the Big Country gathered today at the Coliseum in Snyder for the fourth in a series of meetings about the coming Cline Shale oil boom.

It was an open forum for small business owners, residents of towns in the area and elected officials to talk about changes that will be affecting the region.

Texas Workforce Commissioner Tom Pauken headlined the event and talked about his ideas for education reform.

He said the state needs to focus on training more students in vocational education to keep up with the type of jobs that will need to be filled during the boom.

"We're seeing increased demand for skilled workers. I know it's needed out here, in the oil field and around the state of Texas but the reality is we have great opportunity and we need to open that pipeline back up," said Pauken.

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