13-plus years since day with no Texas road deaths

HOUSTON (AP) - Many Texans will ring in 2014 with bubbly, beer, and other booze, and the state will almost surely continue an ignominious streak: At least one person has died on Texas roads every day for more than 13 years.
The last day without a traffic death in Texas was Nov. 7, 2000. It's believed to be the longest streak in the history of the state, where such records date back to 1940.
Department of Public Safety Sgt. Lonny Haschel remembers having to deliver the news to a man that his family had been wiped out in a traffic wreck.
He said, "The most difficult job is to go knock on someone's door and say a loved one is not coming back anymore."
Authorities are urging New Year's revelers not to drive.

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