Abilene Police: Threatened woman pulls gun, staves off man

From Abilene Police Department spokesman George Spindler:

At about 11:25 a.m. Thursday, APD dispatch received a call from a concerned citizen about a known male subject at a residence in the 3800 block of Concord Drive. The calling party knew the resident and was concerned because of allegations that the subject present at the residence had harassed the resident and had forced his way into the home in the past. Officers responded to the call but were not able to locate the subject. During their preliminary investigation, officers learned through a records check that the subject had been previously warned not to return to the residence or he would be arrested for criminal trespass. They also learned that the subject had allegedly banged on the front door and brought a knife with him that was seen and used by the subject to sharpen a piece of wood. A report for misdemeanor Criminal Trespass was taken. Shortly after officers left the scene, the male subject returned and APD dispatch was notified of same. The calling party alleged that the male subject was armed with a knife. Officers Bryan Stevens and Kimberly Scalf responded to the call and learned that another involved party, a female, was now following the male subject away from the residence. Officers were able to locate the subject at North 15th and Meadowbrook and the male subject was detained. The preliminary investigation revealed that the female and male subjects had an encounter at the residence in the 3800 block of Concord Drive and that the female subject feared for her life during that encounter. The female alleged that the male subject had come towards her during their encounter and that she pulled a firearm from her purse. Officers learned that the female subject was a licensed concealed carry holder. The investigation further revealed that the female victim living at the residence, as well as the female victim that was confronted by the male subject, believed their lives to be in danger. Officers learned that the circumstances involved had been ongoing. An emergency protection order was requested. The male subject was arrested for felony Stalking. This investigation continues.  

At about 6 p.m. Thursday, APD dispatch was notified by a concerned citizen that a van had just struck some poles in the area of 1500 E. S. 11th Street. The witness provided the description of the driver and the van as the van continued to travel away from the collision scene. Another concerned citizen notified APD about the collision and that the van had struck a stop sign. Officers Dan Henning, Chris Hall, Jody Peavy and Sterling Riddle responded to the call. The parked suspect vehicle was located by Officer Peavy in a grassy portion of Nelson Park (1700 block of Zoo Lane) shortly after the collision. Officer Peavy contacted a male subject whom was behind the wheel. Officer Peavy observed that the vehicle engine was still running. The subject told Officer Peavy that he had consumed alcohol. The subject conducted standard field sobriety tests which he performed poorly. Based on Officer Peavy's observations and findings from the preliminary investigation, including witness and evidence information, the subject was arrested. A records check confirmed that the subject had two previous convictions for DWI. The preliminary crash investigation revealed that the suspect van was traveling eastbound in the 1300 block of E. S. 11th when the vehicle crossed over into oncoming traffic and continued traveling into a ditch and struck a stop sign at 1000 Chaucer Drive. The stop sign crushed the top of the vehicle and broke out the sunroof. Several pieces of the debris from the vehicle were located at the collision scene. TXDOT was notified of the damage. No injuries were reported. Based on previous convictions, the subject was arrested for enhanced 3rd-degree felony DWI and a blood sample was taken from the subject. This investigation continues.

At about 8:35 p.m. Thursday, Officer Brady Broyles contacted a motorist for a traffic violation in the 1100 block of N. Mockingbird Lane. Officer Broyles contacted the driver and several passengers during his preliminary investigation. A records check revealed that a male passenger who identified himself by name and date of birth had six outstanding municipal arrest warrants. The subject was arrested for the warrants. However, his true identity was revealed when the subject was recognized to be someone with the same last name. The subject finally told the arresting officer his real name. A subsequent records check revealed that the subject was wanted on a felony probation warrant for aggravated kidnapping. The subject was arrested for his felony warrant and for the additional offense of misdemeanor Failure to Identify.

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