Animal cruelty, neglect in Eastland County under investigation

Animal cruelty case in Eastland called "worst ever"

EASTLAND, Texas - Rescue the Animals got a call Wednesday about dozens of animals being neglected without food, water or care at a rural home in Eastland County.

Investigators tell KTXS an elderly woman who owned the house had died, leaving several dogs, chickens, ducks and other animals abandoned.

Animal cruelty investigator Lynn Pitcox said she had never seen anything like this before.  

"This is the worst, absolutely the worst we have ever walked into," Pitcox said.

The Eastland County Sheriff's Department is investigating after being contacted by Rescue the Animals, SPCA.

"It was a hoarder situation – different breeds, different sizes. There were big dogs outside, little dogs were in and out of the house, in the horse trailer, so it was definitely a hoarder situation," Pitcox said.

It appears that a relative of the woman who died was living in the home but may not have been tending to the animals.

Many of the animals were locked in cages, trailers and buildings on the property. Some were in really bad condition.

"They're extremely underweight," Pitcox said. "You can feel their ribs. You can feel their backbones. You can feel their shoulders, as well as their back hips. We're going to let them rest over the weekend, get some good nourishment in them, and then Monday we'll begin our evaluation on them, drawing blood, taking weights, temperature, that type of thing to see what we're really looking at."

Pitcox also told KTXS seven animals were found dead at the home.

For now, the surviving animals are being kept at Rescue the Animals and the Animal Health and Medical Center.

Charges of animal cruelty may be filed in the case.

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