Clack Middle School and Dyess Air Force Base join to make a difference in students' lives

Dyess Air Force Base and Clack Middle School joining forces to help students

ABILENE, Texas - We all know those middle school years are sometimes hard to get through. It's a time of change and peer pressure is on the rise. That's why Dyess Air Force Base and Clack Middle School have joined forces to make life better for some students.

The 1st Class Cards Mentoring Program will starts in May and will give 20 hand-picked students the chance to learn from Dyess airmen.

The male students were chosen for their leadership potential. 

"They are involved in athletics or fine arts and they could just use the extra encouragement," said Clack Middle School assistant principal Cindy Hay.

The students will meet once a week during lunch with their mentors - all Dyess airmen who volunteered for the job.

"They're looking forward to it," said Diane Russell Dyess Air Force Base school liaison officer. "They're really proud they're going to be chosen and they're going to come out and work with these young men and help build positive role models," she said.

The mentors and students will also have off-campus activities and the hope is that these relationships will continue over the summer.

Hay says the goal is to help influence other students.

"Their friends will see them being a positive role model and their friends will step up and join them rather than taking the path they shouldn't," said Hay.

The kids' athletic and fine arts schedules will be given to the airmen so that they'll be able to attend those events since parents aren't often able to.

The program was able to get started thanks to a $1,000 donation from the Dyess Spouses' Club.

Although funding is good for the rest of this school year, the school could still use some help.

All the money given to the program will go directly to provide fun and exciting incentives for the kids.

The money helps pay for lunches, off-campus activities and transportation costs.

If you'd like to send a donation to help support this program, please contact Cindy Hay at Clack Middle School at 325-692-1961 or contact the Dyess Air Force Base school liaison officer Diane Russell at 325-696-1818. 

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