Dallas zookeeper bitten, scratched by lion

DALLAS, Texas - A zookeeper in the Dallas Zoo was bitten and scratched by a lion during a routine transfer.
The Dallas Morning News (http://bit.ly/1mEkRSB ) reports that the zookeeper was hospitalized for the injuries, which included the bite on the shoulder. The zoo says though that the injuries were not thought to be life-threatening.
Zoo spokeswoman Laurie Holloway says the female lion was able to enter an enclosed space with the zookeeper because he had not secured a door. He used pepper spray to fend off the lioness, but he was injured while he getting away. Another zookeeper behind a separate set of locked doors helped distract the animal while the other worker escaped.
The zoo's president and chief executive officer, Gregg Hudson, said the worker's failure to follow procedures will be addressed.

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