Ex-Texas teacher guilty of telling students to hit bully

SAN ANTONIO (AP) - A former teacher has been convicted by a San Antonio jury for an incident where she directed students to strike a schoolmate for being a bully.
Cynthia Ambrose, 44, instructed her students to line up and hit a 6-year-old so he knows "how it feels to be bullied."
The May 2012 incident occurred when the child was brought to Ambrose by his elementary school teacher after he hit another student.
The child's teacher testified it had started out as taps but then Ambrose told her class, "Come on, hit him harder."
Ambrose was convicted Thursday of the misdemeanor charge of official oppression. Prosecutors say they'll seek probation.
Ambrose said she had already been "convicted" by the media when the episode first came to light.

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