No Powerball Jackpot winner in Texas, but some still win $1 million

ABILENE, Texas - Two winning tickets were sold for yesterday's record breaking Powerball Jackpot Lottery, but if you bought a ticket in the Big Country, you didn't win.

The two Jackpot winning tickets were sold in Arizona and Missouri. The winners have yet to come forward.

Texas did get some good news yesterday. Four tickets won the "Match 5" lottery, which has a prize of $1 million. Those winning tickets were sold in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Humble.

The odds of winning the Jackpot were less than one in 175 million. 

When the numbers were drawn Wednesday, the Jackpot was up to $550 million dollars, the highest ever.

The sales from this lottery drawing, running from Oct. 6 to Nov. 28, resulted in $74,691,702 for public education in the state of Texas.

Nationwide sales totaled $1,277,511,932.                

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