Texas police investigate videotaped teen shooting

SANTA FE, Texas (AP) - Police in Southeast Texas say the mother of a 14-year-old boy shot in the leg in a videotaped incident didn't seek help for seven hours while researching gunshot wounds online.

Santa Fe police said a man living at the home, 23-year-old Pete Jesse Rodriguez, was being held Thursday on a charge of injury to a child with intent to commit serious bodily injury. Police had no information on a lawyer for Rodriguez, whose bond is $151,000, or his relationship to the family.

Capt. Wayne Kessler said  the home's security video shows Rodriguez playing with a gun Tuesday night, tracking the boy and firing.

Police said the mother and teen checked WebMD.com before going to a hospital. He's in stable condition.
Police declined to release the video - saying it's evidence.

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