The help the fertilizer blast survivors really need

WEST, Texas - The town of West is mourning after a devastating blast left more than a dozen people dead and 200 injured. 

The donations coordinator in West had some information on what you can do to help during this difficult time.

Volunteers in West say the thing the town needs most right now is financial support. 

"West lost 3 fire trucks and just to get one new fire truck was a big deal in West," said Jim Gerik, donations manager.  "Homes were leveled so they're gonna need building materials is what they need dollars is what's really gonna help." 

Right now more than 100 volunteers are passing out supplies good and water to those who lost some or all of their belongings.

"Fairgrounds is where everything is being distributed right now so people needing things feeding people if anybody needs food it's out there hot meals everybody has come out so they're dropping off donations right now but also people who need them are picking them up," said Gerik.

People all over town are pitching in to help support their friends, families, and neighbors.

Monetary donations can be made to point West Bank. The phone number is (254) 826-5333.

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