Volunteers plant seedlings at burned Texas park

BASTROP, Texas - BASTROP, Texas (AP) - Volunteers at Bastrop State Park this weekend have planted some of the first Loblolly pines since wildfires ravaged the area last year.
Some 96 percent of the park was destroyed during the blazes which began on Labor Day 2011, including most of the 6,600-acre park's signature "Lost Pines."
But the Austin American-Statesman reports that about 60 volunteers turned out Saturday to plant new seedlings.
They wiggled spade-like tools called dibbles into the ground to make space for the seedlings' roots.
The small orange flags marking each planted seedling waved against a backdrop of blackened trees, in the park, which is located about 30 miles from Austin.
Over the next five years, Texas Parks and Wildlife plans to plant two million trees at the park.

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