ABILENE, Texas -

Kids have been working lemonade stands for ages, but not all of them turn around and give their profits away.

That's exactly what one little girl in Trent did – to help other kids in the Big Country.

Maycee Jones, 10, set up shop in front of the First Financial Bank in Trent.

She decided the revenue would go to kids who, she said, need it more than she does.

We've heard we're to turn lemons into lemonade, but Jones turned lemons into school supplies for kids at the Hendrick Home for Children.

Her motivation?

"They don't have their mom and dad with them to buy their school supplies," Jones said.

In just two days, Maycee made over $200, thanks to generous buyers in Trent.

"One person gave me $20!" she said.

An Abilene businessman pitched in another $100, allowing Maycee to give a total of $320.

"Maycee's gift is just such a story of sacrifice and selflessness and that means so much to us," said Erin Utley, case worker at Hendrick Home for Children. "We're just really honored."

"Life is really, truly all about helping the next person and not being selfish," said Chris Jones, Maycee's dad. "I'm very proud of my daughter."

The children at Hendrick Home will go school supply shopping about a week before school starts.

If you want to contribute to that effort, contact Hendrick Home at 325-692-0112 or visit their website here.