ABILENE, Texas -

A new Twitter account is getting the attention of Abilene Christian University students, as well as the administration.

The account is @ACUCrushes, and while the person behind it is posting what they likely think are harmless jokes and opinions, human resources for the school doesn't find them very funny.

Students are invited to message the account holder with posts about other students around campus.

The comments on the site range from sweet, like this one: "Daniel Smith, you're adorable. Marry me?"

To potentially harassing. One names a female student and asks if she cleans her pants with Windex, because they can see themselves in them.

That's how Chief Human Resources Officer for the school, Wendy Jones, sees it.

"The user doesn't have to delete the account, but can no longer post any tweets that would make someone think they are the target of harassment," said Jones. "If someone were to file a complaint against the account holder the university will begin investigating to stop any further harassment."

The school is required to protect students from any type of harassment.

President of the ACU's Students' Association Dylan Benac said the website could exist, if it was done well. However, he believes the account holder is not exercising enough discretion with what they post.

"We hold politicians and we hold presidents of universities accountable for what they put out on social media and I truly think students are just as accountable," said Benac. "You don't joke around with the potential for sexual harassment. People take things differently."

Last year, a formal harassment investigation was launched into other ACU related Twitter accounts, among them, ACU_GossipGirl. Those comments were considered by the administration to be vulgar and racist, and attacked specific people and groups.

"I would say it's not as big of a deal as gossip girl or boy," said Benac. "I don't think it's struck as many people. That one was very personal.

The school issued a warning Tuesday to the Twitter account holder, warning them to cease and desist before it goes too far. There haven't been any posts since.