ABILENE, Texas -

After two days of heavy rain fall, most residents are thrilled with the change in weather.

"I mean, the rain, I think it makes everybody feel better," said Abilene City Councilman Kyle McAlister. "It's great. You see people out and enjoy it," he said.

Sights around town just aren't typical for this time of year.

Creeks were running over, roads flooded and people had to drive through huge pools of water to get where they wanted to go.

Despite the small inconveniences, residents said this is a welcomed change.

"We're used to 105 degree heat," said Derrick Grant. "It's blazing. So now the fact that it's kind of cool and raining, it's really nice and enjoyable," he said.

"We just got back from being in Denver for about five days," said Wanda Webb. "When we left, it was hot. We drove back in last night and it was a sigh of relief to know that it was cooled down," she said.

The following is a list of total rain fall in the past five days for cities in the Big Country.

Cross Plains: 9.33"

Coleman:  6.77"

Abilene: 3.71"

Sweetwater: 2.29"

Snyder: 1.44"

San Angelo: 2.29"

Brownwood: 3.13"

Aspermont: 2.24"

Haskel: 3.01"

Knox City: 2.24"

Weinert: 2.56"