The defense said Klapheke was sexually abused by her biological family and later abandoned  –  and that her adoptive father began sexually abusing her.

Consequently, the defense said, she suffers from the disorder that prevents her from bonding with people and that she did love her child – in her own way.

About Tiffany Klapheke’s childhood and adult life, Parnham said:

*- Tiffany Klapheke's birth mother was sexually abused.

*- Klapheke's brother was the product of a rape.

*- Her older sister – who Klapheke was close to – was eventually abandoned by birth mother and ended up abandoning her own kids.

*- Klapheke doesn’t know who her father is.

*- She was sexually abused since age 5.

*- She was eventually abandoned and given to her grandmother who could not take good care of her

*- She was offered to vagrants at a public park for sexual favors.

*- She eventually was put into foster care. She became close with one family but she was aggressive in school due to reactive attachment disorder and the foster family could not handle her because of their other adoptive kids.

*- She went to a family, where the husband molested her for about three years and threatened to kill her if she told. He later took a plea deal.

*- She moved to Dyess at age 19 after marrying former husband, Thomas.

*- Thomas Klapheke voluntarily deployed, leaving their children with her.

Thursday, Jan. 30 (Day 4)

Jurors watched most of a 6-hour, 44-minute, Aug. 28, 2012 police interview with Tiffany Klapheke after she came home and found her toddler daughter unresponsive from what authorities have said was severe neglect.

Klapheke, 23, is accused of neglecting and failing to feed her daughters to the point where one of them – 22-month-old Tamryn – died. The child’s two young siblings were found in deteriorating conditions but ultimately survived.  

"I didn't believe what I was seeing," Klapheke said during the interview about when she noticed Tamryn wasn't responding, the child's lips purple.

Later in the interview, Klapheke told police: "I don't want you to take them away because I was lazy," referring to her two other daughters who survived the alleged neglect.

In the video, Klapheke could be seen crying and hyperventilating when police first started talking to her. At one point, she offered to take a lie detector test to prove she was being honest about the events of the day leading up to her discovery of Tamryn's death. During the interview, she also broke into tears when police began asking her about the state she found Tamryn in.

Meanwhile, Klapheke told police she had asked for a divorce from her now ex-husband, Thomas, when she was driving him to the airport for his summer deployment to Oman. Later, she said, the two decided to try to work things out, but that she had wanted a divorce because she felt neglected and alone.

Klapheke said she was overwhelmed caring for the three children alone. According to Klapheke’s attorneys, Thomas voluntarily deployed. He filed for divorce after Tamryn's death.

When asked about the chemical burns on Tamryn's body, Klapheke told Det. Eric Vickers, who conducted the interview, "I wouldn't hurt her. I wouldn't put her in harm's way."

Klapheke said she didn’t understand how Tamryn died, but speculated that she feared Tamryn may have choked on cereal at some point. 

"I've been honest even though it makes me look horrible. I've told you everything," Klapheke told the detective.