ANSON, Texas -

Anson police learned Friday that the women involved in a murder/suicide case weren’t actually related despite the indication on their housing applications.

The two yet-to-be-identified women lived in two separate apartments within government housing in the 900 block of Avenue K. Police were called to the victim’s apartment Wednesday night after a 911 caller told dispatchers she was unable to enter the apartment and could smell a foul odor.

Responding officers saw the deceased victim sitting in a chair with a gunshot wound.

Anson Police Chief David Moore said Thursday that the murder could have taken place as early as Monday. On Friday, Moore told kTXS that the medical examiners in Tarrant County are unable to discern whether the victim had any pre-existing medical conditions because her organs were too decomposed upon their receipt of her body.

Moore said the victim and alleged shooter, who police said later committed suicide, listed each other as cousins on their housing applications. That is why police told the media Thursday they believed the pair were related. Moore said the two women have been acquainted since the age of 14 and he cannot yet speculate on the non-family relationship between the two.

There is still no known motive behind the crime. The names of those involved will not be released until all family members have been notified of the deaths.

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No motive is known yet for an apparent murder-suicide in the 900 block of Avenue K – near 9th Street – in Anson, police said Thursday.

Anson police are not releasing the names of those involved, pending notification of next of kin. In addition to two women – identified as relatives – dying, two dogs were killed as well, police said.

Anson Police Chief David Moore said a 911 caller told dispatch they could smell a foul odor coming from the home and that they could not get inside. 

"Upon arriving at the apartment, the [responding] officer was able to see inside the apartment and it appeared to be a deceased person sitting in the chair," Moore said.

Moore said the victim could have been murdered as early as Monday night. Neighbors told officers they had not seen the victim's female relative for several hours and that the woman lived nearby.

"The Anson Police Department gained access to the apartment and discovered this relative had suffered a self-inflicted gunshot wound," Moore said.

Vicky McCollum, who knew the victim, said she never foresaw the crime.

"She was real sweet, you know, outgoing...she was full of life and she was a Christian woman," McCollum said. "She'd give you the shirt off her back and she was full of smiles."

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Anson police officers responded to a call about a potential death at roughly 8:30 p.m. Wednesday.

“The caller stated that the individual would not open the door, and a foul odor was present,” the news release said.

While investigating, police determined a murder had occurred and that a yet-to-be identified woman and her dog had died as a result of gunshot wounds, police said.

During questioning of neighbors and others, Anson police discovered “a relative of the victim had not been seen for several hours” and had been living in a nearby apartment, the release said.

After gaining access to that apartment, police determined the relative – another yet-to-be-identified woman – had died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. That woman’s dog had been shot and killed as well, police said.   

Bodies of the two women were taken to the Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s Office for autopsy.

Assisting Anson police in processing the crime scenes are representatives of the Texas Rangers and Jones County Sheriff’s Office. 

The investigation continues.