Meanwhile, the defense said the case isn’t about an insanity plea but that they plan to concentrate on Klapheke’s childhood and what’s made her who she is.

“Insanity is not an issue here,” Parnham said. “We are all born into this world without a choice of the circumstances in which we are born.”

The defense said Klapheke was sexually abused by her biological family and later abandoned  –  and that her adoptive father began sexually abusing her.

Consequently, the defense said, she suffers from the disorder that prevents her from bonding with people and that she did love her child – in her own way.

About Tiffany Klapheke’s childhood and adult life, Parnham said:

*- Tiffany Klapheke's birth mother was sexually abused.

*- Klapheke's brother was the product of a rape.

*- Her older sister – who Klapheke was close to – was eventually abandoned by birth mother and ended up abandoning her own kids.

*- Klapheke doesn’t know who her father is.

*- She was sexually abused since age 5.

*- She was eventually abandoned and given to her grandmother who could not take good care of her

*- She was offered to vagrants at a public park for sexual favors.

*- She eventually was put into foster care. She became close with one family but she was aggressive in school due to reactive attachment disorder and the foster family could not handle her because of their other adoptive kids.

*- She went to a family, where the husband molested her for about three years and threatened to kill her if she told. He later took a plea deal.

*- She moved to Dyess at age 19 after marrying former husband, Thomas.

*- Thomas Klapheke voluntarily deployed, leaving their children with her.