ABILENE, Texas -

Flower and candy shops practically thrive off this holiday.

The president at Baacks Inc., a local flower shop in Abilene, said his business has done better in the bad weather Abilene has seen recently.

"One of the unusual things about the flower business, at least this one, is that bad weather actually helps business, I think people stay home and think 'hey I think I'll send flowers to someone' so we try to make sure we're here to do deliveries," Luke Harwell said.

He said Valentine's Day brings in a lot of traffic, but even if you let the holiday sneak up on you, there's still time.

Across town, Candies by Vletas had a full parking lot too.

Owner Pam McCombs said men should be prepared for the holiday, even if their significant other tells them it doesn't matter.

"It's never been a woman, it's always been a man and they'll come in and say 'anything in a heart, just give me anything in a heart, my wife said she didn't want candy and I'm in trouble because she really did,'" McCombs said.

One customer at the candy shop tells us that he thinks the common phrase "better late than never" was invented for Valentine's Day.