Verizon Cuts Its Unlimited Everything Plan

ABILENE, Texas - Verizon Wireless customers will need to keep a closer eye on their text messages and Internet usage.

The company announced on Thursday that they're getting rid of their unlimited data plan.

Even those who are "grandfathered" with an unlimited plan are going to have to make the change.

Dymorie Burns, a nurse with Angels Care Home Health, has been with AT&T for more than four years.

"I actually had the unlimited data plan on my previous iPhone when I upgraded and everything and I had to change to the limited," she said.

That change came with a somewhat lower payment.

"It's actually only $5 cheaper for the package I have now than it was to have unlimited," Burns said.

With Verizon getting rid of their unlimited plan this means that Sprint and T-Mobile will be the only carriers of the four major ones in the country to carry that plan.

Cell Phone Providers Review, a website that rates cell phone carriers, ranks Verizon number one.

Sam Tanner just joined Verizon six months ago, he was less than thrilled with the news.

"Oh, I don't like that no, I don't like that," Tanner said.

Especially considering that Tanner is on a family plan with his daughter and grandchildren.

Could his attitude be a sign of things to come for Verizon?

"We may look around once the contract's over to see what we can do about it," he said.

The reason for the change?

Verizon said it will allow customers to buy data plans in bulk to use on multiple devices.

There are other options for unlimited plans available to consumers.

Sprint and T-Mobile still have an unlimited plan.

Other carriers with unlimited plans are pre-paid services and they include Boost and Virgin mobile.

Prices for those plans range from $50 to $99.

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