Warrant Roundup Begins Saturday

ABILENE, Texas - Notices of outstanding warrants are being sent out this week in anticipation of the warrant roundup that starts Saturday. Currently there are around 6,700 names on the list of Abilene residents who need to pay up.

This initiative is all about getting people to pay their fines before the roundup begins.

"I'm taking care of everything," said Kelly Price who was in Abilene's municipal court taking care of a traffic ticket Monday.

Smartly getting his ducks in a row long before any warrant would be issued for his arrest.

"I have no desire to ride in the back of a police car," Price said.

"We really want to raise that awareness so we can work with them and take care of this," said Chief Marshal Monty Huddleston.

The people who put it off will get a rude awakening beginning Saturday when city marshals begin knocking on doors for the people who still haven't paid up.

"We want to work with people," Huddleston said.

Things in the municipal court were quiet Monday and officials said that it's the perfect time to pay because they anticipate longer lines beginning next week.

"As long as they come in and let us know that they want to take care of that citation, we definitely want to work with them," said Huddleston.

Follow the link for a full list of people on the Warrant Round-Up List: Warrant Round-Up List

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