Water park for Abilene on hold after potential investor pulls out

ABILENE, TX - It looks like Abilene may have to wait for a water park.

Several weeks ago, a Facebook petition to bring a water park to Abilene caught the attention of a potential investor.

Kenneth Musgrave was blown away by the online response from the community. But he said when it came time for people to put their money where there mouth is, it became clear that this might not be the best time for such an investment.

"There's a lot of difference in talk and people putting their money up," said Musgrave.

He's talking about a recent addition to the Facebook page, asking those interested to put $5-$10 in an account to be put towards the water park if in fact the plan advanced. If not, he says the money would be returned. He says the reaction was negative.

"Some people thought it was a scam. Some people thought it was a donation.  They didn't understand that if the deal fell through, they would get every penny of their money back," said Musgrave.

He said if every one of the 3,000 people who "liked" the Facebook page contributed $10, it would still only be 1% of what a water park would cost. He said that if people can't commit to that, there's no reason to move forward.

For now, Abilene will have to make due without a water park.

"I have other things to do and no longer want to waste my time when the present timing is not right for a water park for Abilene," said Musgrave.

Although Kenneth Musgrave told us today that he will no longer be spear-heading the project, he did say he would still be willing to donate land if a water park decided to move to the area.

"I'm for anything that's good for Abilene," said Musgrave.

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