Witness To Abilene Animal Cruelty: "I Said, Larry, Stop Stabbing That Dog!"

ABILENE, Texas - After being stabbed 11 times and left to die alone in a dumpster, 14-week-old "Taz" is recovering from surgery. She's eating and drinking for the first time on her own since the attack on Sunday.

KTXS met the animal lover who saw "Taz" being stabbed and then saved her life by calling police.

"I said Larry, please stop stabbing that dog" said Cheryl Ascol, who is still shaken-up as she described to us watching her neighbor repeatedly stab his puppy.

"I thought the dog was dead because by that time he was just hanging there," Ascol said.

With the urging of her friend Rosie, Ascol got the courage to call police and report the animal cruelty.

"The police brought the dog to my porch, asked me for a towel," Ascol said, "And I saw the dog wag its tail."

"Taz" miraculously survived thanks to Ascol alerting authorities, but leaving the question how could someone do this to a helpless animal.

Dr. Marc Orner, an Abilene psychotherapist, said the kind of person who commits this crime feels insecure and as a result preys on something less powerful.

"A puppy is a prime example of that," said Dr. Orner.

He said "Taz" being stabbed 11 times is also a telling detail.

"That's not anger, that's rage," said Dr. Orner, "So something else was raging in this individual."

Larry Dollins confessed to the crime when police arrived on the scene and was arrested.

His neighbor and friend told KTXS Dollins was not a bad person and he loved the puppy. That is until some recent strange behavior.

"I actually saw a change in this guy," said Robert Thompson.

Dollins is no stranger to crime, Thompson believes a powerful drug addiction is behind this sudden act of violence.

"If it wasn't the dog it would have been a kid or someone else," Thompson said.

Luckily the only victim of Dollins' anger is recovering well.

"She's a beautiful little puppy!" said Ascol, "She's a tough little puppy too."

Dollins is now in custody on state jail felony animal cruelty charges.

If you are interested in adopting "Taz," there is a waiting list.

Contact the Abilene Animal Shelter located at 925 South 25th to be added to the adoption list.

"Taz" will have to stay at the shelter for a short time for legal reasons, but applications for her adoption are now being accepted.

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