ABILENE, Texas -

The sound of a racquet smacking a tennis ball is a sound Erin Walker has heard since she was born.

Her father John is a tennis pro and is the assistant coach of ACU tennis

Both of her older sisters Jacelyn and Madelyn started playing at an early age, so naturally the baby sister was next in line

"Obviously he's going to want us to play tennis,” says Walker with a big smile, “But I love it. It's so much fun. Just the competitiveness and the chance to get to play is fun."

Back in November, Erin became the latest Walker to sign with ACU to continue her tennis career.

Her oldest sister Jacelyn, 23, was a state finalist in mixed doubles for Abilene High. She went to be an All-American player for ACU.

Her middle sister Madelyn, 21, also qualified for state in mixed doubles and went on to tennis at ACU as well.

Last year, Erin became the third Walker sister to advance to the state tournament. She made it all the way to the state finals finishing as the runner up in girls 5A singles. Making it to the championship round was a historic accomplishment for the two-time district champ.

“District is tough but regionals is way tough,” says Abilene high assistant coach Stacy Bryan, “just to get out of there we knew there were about four girls to were good so she could have won it or finished fourth."

"She really did some studying and concentrated on her focus and concentration,” says Abilene high head coach Fred Scott. “Boy her game just turned around in a minute and we knew she was going to be ready.”