ABILENE, Texas -


One of the new shows coming to KTXS this fall is “Back In the Game.” It is an underdog story akin to “Bad News Bears” and other films Tinsel town has graced us with. While Hollywood loves an underdog sports story, there's a real life underdog team here in Abilene. They are called the Abilene Ravens and were formerly known as the Texas Wind. Like every Hollywood plot, the Raven’s story begins with a conflict.

“It was an independent football team called the Texas Wind,” coach Herrell Miller told KTXS on Tuesday, “the coach [of the Wind] took the uniforms, equipment and fund raising money with him to Waco. Our kids were disappointed, the idea came up of just starting a new team.”

“We didn't want to see these kids not play football,” coach Michael Alter explained, “we want them to have a season but it’s been tough raising money to get what we need.”

The money to begin an independent team might be more than you think. So far, the Ravens have collected over $1,000 but are still $4,000 short of their mark.

“Aw man, we've done car wash and a raffle,” middle linebacker and defensive captain Jeramiah Dismukes remarked.

“We need a lot of money to get what we need,” coach Alter said, “it’s not easy.”

With such a short preseason, finding teams to schedule wasn't easy either. How's this for a Hollywood-twist in the plot? One of the only teams with an opening was a newly formed team in Waco run by their ex-head coach.

“He had an open date,” coach Miller recalled, “he told us they couldn’t come to Abilene so we said we'll come to Waco.”

“ We’ve decided to move on,” Quarterback and offensive captain Austin Alter told KTXS, “we’ll go on with the season.”

“We’ll let by gones be by gones,” coach Alter said of the inevitable pre-game handshake, “I’ll shake his hand and may the best man win.”

To win they've got to play and while they've started over and still have a financial hill to climb, the Ravens are preparing for a season they truly believe will come.

“This team was formed out of a bad situation for the kids in Abilene,” coach Miller summed things up, “we don’t want it to ever be taken away.”

The Ravens have so far scheduled 6 games and are a few dollars shy of being able to pay the down payment on uniforms.


If you would like to help the Ravens, you can donate at the Abilene Teachers Federal Credit Union and deposit into the account under Abilene Ravens.

If you are under 19, not affiliated with a team and would like to play for the Ravens or for any other information please contact Heavens327@yahoo.com

There will be cheer leading tryouts held July 20th at Nelson Park at 11AM. The cheer leading contact number is 325-721-5968.