ABILENE, Texas -

The Big Country Fellowship of Christian announces The Big Country Chevy Dealer’s FCA All-Star Festival to be held during the spring of 2014. 

The Festival is an expansion of FCA’s All-Star activities. 

The events that comprise The Big Country Chevy Dealer’s FCA All-Star Festival:

The coaches for the events include;

North Football– Head Coach,  Dan Gainey of Colorado City

Assistant Coach           Patrick Corcoran of Munday

Assistant Coach                       Mike Reed of Throckmorton

Assistant Coach                       Aubrey Sims of Synder

Assistant Coach                       Brain Ramsey of Ranger

Assistant Coach                       Carl Moser of Craig MS

South Football – Head Coach, Andy Howard of Brady

Assistant Coach           Kent Hawthroneof  Early

Assistant Coach                       Craten Phillips of Sonora

Assistant Coach           Justin Taylor of Christoval

Assistant Coach           Justin Wiley of Ballinger

Assistant Coach           Luke Hurst of Wylie JH

North Men’s Basketball– Head Coach, Doug Galyean of Eastland

Assistant Coach                       Carl Pennington of Olney

South Men’s Basketball– Head Coach, Josh Alcorn of Brownwood

Assistant Coach                       Marc Case of Abilene Cooper

North Women’s Basketball – Head Coach, Kristy Jo Sullivan of Hamlin

Assistant Coach            Jennifer Dement of Anson

South Women’s Basketball – Head Coach, David Tandy of Ozona

Assistant Coach                       Brooke Bicknell of Comanche

North Volleyball – Head Coach, Lynn Osborne of Big Spring