ABILENE, Texas -

The Abilene Bombers win on Monday night in Laredo against the Rattlesnakes had more implications than just a boost in the win column.

The narrow road victory was the first loss for the Rattlesnakes at Laredo Energy Arena all season and kept hope alive that the Bombers may play a home post-season game come playoff time.

Perhaps most important was the definite switch in momentum the Bombers needed for an ailing middle-of-the-season slump.

Abilene was able to score with just 20 seconds left and execute a 2-point conversion to seal the 44-42 win Monday night. With the loss, Laredo could be on the outside looking in when determining a location for the post-season.

If the Bombers can win their remaining two games and Laredo tallies just a single loss, Bombers fans will be guaranteed playoff football at the Taylor County Expo Center.

"This is the last part of the season and we have won two in a row on the road," Coach Joe Brannen told KTXS on Wednesday, "road losses plagued us early on but I feel like we're playing with a lot of momentum right now."

That momentum and ability to win on the road will be integral to a post season in which the Bombers hope to bring an LSFL title back to Abilene.

The Bombers next match-up is a quick turnaround combined with the longest bus ride on the schedule in a date with the New Mexico Stars. It will be a tough test to win in the face of such scheduling conditions, not to mention a third road victory in a row. But if the Bombers want to he the hot team going into the playoffs and ride that momentum all the way to a title, it's what's got to be done.