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Cowgirls Win Pair on Costa Rica Trip

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica - Hardin-Simmons' women's soccer continued its tour of Costa Rica with a 3-2 win over the Under 17 Costa Rica National Team on Saturday morning at the Costa Rica national training facility.

The Cowgirls received goals from Taylor Thigpen, Caitlin Cramer and Devon Howard. Thigpen and Katie Haltiwanger.

"They were a very good team that was more technical than the U20s we played earlier," said HSU head coach Marcus Wood. "They had some really good future national team players and it was a very competitive game."  

"This was a very beneficial for us and we learned a lot about our team from this game."

The team will have a couple days off sightseeing, ziplining and trips to the beach before its final game on Monday.

HSU Goals On The Tour So Far

Devon Howard, 3

Taylor Thigpen, 2

Caitlin Cramer, 1

Callie Carter, 1

Devon Howard, 1

*-Wifi will be limited for the next couple of days so the girls' blogs may come in later. 


Late Friday Recap

Hardin-Simmons' women's soccer team won its game against a club team 3-0 on Friday evening.

Callie CarterDevon Howard and Vivian Wells scored the goals for the Cowgirls in the game. 

HSU is now 1-0-1 on the trip and will play again on Saturday.  

Day 2 Blog By

Caitlin CramerJulianne Kucera and Kati McCarty

Our morning started bright and early as we travelled to Rio Chirripo, Costa Rica (North of San Jose). While riding on the bus, we enjoyed the mountainous scenery and the green green trees (a little bigger than the Abilene trees). Upon arrival, we discovered mamochinos, which is a red spiky fruit that looks like a strawberry and tastes like a grape.

Our favorite part of the day was by far the whitewater rafting on the Rio Chirripo. Looking at the rapids, we were a little nervous because most of us have never done this before. The water was chilly, but refreshing. The trip included numerous falls from Shannon, Taylor, Katie H., and Bertha (and then Prindle was just pushed out). Throughout the trip we got to take a few breaks to jump off cliffs, eat some fruit, and body float the rapids.

The entire rafting trip took about two hours and was followed with a sloth sighting and a meal at the boat house. Unfortunately, you could only get one serving (Morgan Hollingsworth). Scenery was unimportant on the journey back to the hotel because we slept like little babies the whole way. When we arrived at the hotel, we had a little down time before preparing for our second game, which allowed Shannon time to buy some new cleats (hers were mysteriously stolen off of the bus).

The second game was played at a smaller grass stadium with beautiful scenery, cows, and moths the size of birds! We played against a semi-pro team from Costa Rica. The score was 3-0 with goals from Vivian, Callie, and Devon. Our goal keepers, Lexi Stinson and Abby Blunt, made their debut appearance as center forwards! (Shannon Byrd was player of the game)

We had a surprise American dinner of hot dogs, hamburgers and fries. Now we are resting up for our game at the crack of dawn (8am) before we make our way to the beach tomorrow

PURA VIDA!! Caitlin, Kati, and Julianne

Information provided by HSU athletics department.

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