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HSU brings World Cup fever to Abilene

HSU brings World Cup to Abilene

ABILENE, TX - It's safe to say that the World Cup is an event unlike any other, but one camp here in Abilene is trying to hold it's own version, to get the community excited about the sport of soccer.

World cup fever hit Abilene on Tuesday as Hardin Simmons University's soccer camp hosted it's own version of one of the most prestigious events in sports. With face paint and flags of the countries they represented displayed proudly, campers took to the field to play more than just the game of soccer, but instead re-enacting the event that is taking place some 5,338 miles away.

"It is really cool, it's really cool that we're playing a world cup, during the world cup, so we can kind of re-live it, it's pretty fun." Said camper Kasey Dornhecker.

The campers ranged from age 8 through 18, and despite the skill level differences, the excitement and experiences remained the same.

"I'm learning how to do different stuff with the ball, how to be better at soccer and stuff." Said youngster Jace Blair. While Dornhecker, who's in the older division, focused more on specifics. "We've been learning a lot about passing and receiving, and just how to better our technique as players." Said Dornhecker. "It's always really exciting to come out here and just look crazy, and still have fun doing what we love."

One former Hardin Simmons soccer star, turned camp counselor, was a camper herself, but now sees the importance of this night from a different perspective.

"I started going to this camp when I was nine, and I went all the way up until my senior year of high school.  I've been here all my life, and it's just great to be on the other side of things now and be able to help them out." Said Low.

With game play continuing into the night, a champion nation would be crowned. But it wouldn't be about the trophy in the end, but about sharing the passion and excitement of the world cup at home.

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