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Local ladies get a lesson in football at ACU's mom's camp

ACU hosts local mom's for football 101 camp

ABILENE, TX -  It was a fun Thursday night at ACU. No that's not the Wildcat football team, but instead the program hosted local high school football player's mothers for a chance to experience a mock football camp.

Led by head coach Ken Collums, the ladies first hit the classroom to learn the specifics of the game, before taking the field to participate in different drills that many of their sons would go through.

Drills included linemen stance training, warm-up exercises, and even the proper technique for blocking and tackling.

The idea behind the camp? To get the ladies who have football in their household, a chance to learn and understand the game, so that it may enhance their appreciating for the sport that their sons or husbands are a part of.

Overall, the camp was a rewarding experience for all those involved.

"I understood more than I thought I would actually," said participant Jennifer Douglass who's son plays football. " I kind of grew up with our son's playing and their dad coaching them so it was fun, fun to really put it all together."

ACU coach Ken Collums said the mom's really impressed the coaching staff.

"We had fun as coaches, and I know they asked really good questions. Some of them ask better questions than some of our players at times, which is a little disturbing, but it's a different focus when you have ladies in the room. It was a really good deal," stated Collums.

The camp kicks off the ACU season as the Wildcats report to camp Saturday, with the first scheduled practice being held on Sunday.

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