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When Push(up) Comes to Shove, McM Student-Athlete Sets World Record!

ABILENE, Texas - McMurry University sophomore Chris Veail – a member of the War Hawks track and field team - got a whim around two weeks ago that he wanted to attempt to do the highest "Flying Push-up" ever recorded. Today, Veail is the world record-holder in that category!

On January 10, in McMurry's own Fieldhouse weightroom, Veail propelled himself 4'6" to eclipse the previous "Flying Push-up" record by an inch.  Four days later, Veail received an e-mail confirmation from the organization RecordSetter, that his effort was accepted as a new world record in the event.

A "Flying Push-up" is done with the competitor in a typical push-up position on the floor, surrounded by four pillars at an equal height at each "corner" of his body.  The object is to explode upward out of the push-up position, catch your hands and feet at the top of each pillar and then "push" yourself upward into a completed push-up position on top of the pillars.

As one might expect, Veail (a product of Abilene High School) is a multi-event competitor for the track team. He also has had gymnastics training in his background, an obvious "plus" when attempting an event like the "Flying Push-up."

Information provided by McMurry athletics department.

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