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Anson's Garza has helped Tigers back to high point not seen since 70's

ANSON, Texas - If you asked the people of Anson what the community is most passionate about, they would probably tell you the football team. If you asked them when the last time that football team was one of the best in the Big Country, you might not get as quick a response. That's because most people aren't old enough to remeber it: it was 1975.

37 years ago, the Anson tigers began the year 5-0 and that's just where they are today. Not in small part due to the individual brilliance and talent of their quarterback Jalen Garza. Last week against 2A Coleman Bluecats, the 1A wonders Anson handed them a whalloping. The 26-9 victory included a pair of 45+ yard touchdown runs and a 49 yard touchdown pass courtesy of Garza. One of the men who actually has been around long enough to compare that '75 run to this year's was Duane Finley.

"Jalen may be the best quarterback anson has ever had. the feeling is the best this year than ever. I know the feeling they had in 1975 was, they were sold on what they were doing but it wasn't near what it is today" Finley, an alum from the '50's told KTXS Wednesday.

The terrific Tiger's success comes as no surprise to head coach Keith Woolf. Coach Woolf and his star QB are both in their first year.

"Jalen grew up in a different system, he hasn't lived here his whole life because his dad's a coach. He's new to anson," Coach Woolf explained, "It's probably easier for him to make that turn because he's been on the other side of success, he's been on the success side.

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