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Brownwood's father-son combination: The Howards

BROWNWOOD, TX - West Texas high school football players have to withstand a lot of pressure, even from family members in the stands. But for one player in Brownwood, that parental presence is on the sidelines because the head coach is his dad.

That's varsity Brownwood Lions wide receiver Connor Howard, who is pretty lucky that his passion of football can be shared everyday with his dad, head coach Chuck Howard. Even the close relationship the two have, doesn't mean they can't get down to business.

"We just let loose and talk at home, and kind of do the same thing here at practice sometimes, but when it's time to work we just really focus," said Connor

"I actually try and do very little coaching at home, not that we don't talk about it, we do, certainly do, but not a lot," explained Connor's dad, and head coach Chuck Howard. " There's a fine line between being dad and coach."

Coach Howard is now in his second season with the Lions, the second coaching Connor. He now truly embraces the time he has with his son.

"You know, I spent the first twenty two or twenty three years spending more time around other peoples kids than my own, so I'm certainly valuing that at this point in time," said Howard.

In the end, the family connection just means Conner will be faced with and encouraged to succeed high standards.

"I have extremely high expectations for him at home, on the football field, in school, as I do all my players,"explained Howard.

Connor was named the district's "New-Comer of the Year" in 2013 after a stellar freshman season. But the pressure mounts as this year, he'll be one of Brownwood's most sought after offensive threats.

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