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Cisco Loboes healthy, different players stepping up when teams need it

Cisco Loboes healthy, different players stepping up when teams need it

They haven't just arrived to the State Semifinals; they're planning to bust straight through them. How do the Loboes believe they fared against a team they've never beaten?

"We played one of the best games we've played in years," Head Coach Brent West said.

That's why Cisco looks unstoppable. To be this strong while heading into the postseason is uncommon, but it's what the best teams do.

"That's what it takes to be a good team, for folks to step up," said West.

And this week it was wide receiver and defensive end, Kotie Hoover.

"Our coaches prepare us, so we know what to expect," said Hoover.

"Kotie had a heck of a game. Two  interceptions and gave us some great field position. Two touchdown receptions at wide receiver. He just did a good job stepping up and making big plays," said West.

But one sneaky opponent lies ahead for semifinals.

"Leonard is a great football program. They've been real low on the radar. I'ts been kind of unexpected run for them, which is real scary. Folks have overlooked them. We definitely can't do that this week. Our kids are excited about the opportunity. I think having a big win last week with Canadian gave us some confidence. That was a team we hadn't been able to beat," said West.

"Everybody's proud to be undefeated at this point, and to have a chance to go play at a state championship. But right now we have a team in our way, and that's all we're focusing on right now," said Hoover.

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