Football Friday Night

May in state title game after not making playoffs last season

May Tigers, fans excited for state just one year after missing playoffs

For the first time in over three decades, the town of May, Texas has a reason to travel to the metroplex together.

"Right, it's not a very big town, no population sign, the community's very very excited. Deep six man roots so this is a really exciting time for the community," head coach Craig Steele said.

They're headed to the state championship game for the first time since 1977.

"It's just been incredible, coming off of last year when we didn't even make playoffs. And coming and making it so far its ridiculous how much of an experience it's been able to be," said senior David Woods.

What's even more ridiculous, is that the entire town of May might just fill AT&T Stadium in Arlington Saturday.

"We have everybody going out buying tickets for a charter bus and I heard they already sold it out pretty quick too, it really sounds like everyone's gonna join in and just be able to support us there," said running back Justin Howard.

"The town, and we've experienced this since day one, that they're right behind us and it's just like half of them are on the field with us," said Woods.

The undefeated Tigers will face Crowell in AT&T Stadium Saturday for the state championship game. Kickoff is at noon.

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